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The Project

Over 20% of the Fortune 500 companies already rely on Yello's recruiting software, so they needed to refresh their website and brand to keep up with their growing business. Flowspoke has worked with Yello on countless projects spanning across all areas of marketing. We're available for ongoing design requests from the Yello team, and we also play a pivotal role in planning and executing large scale web projects.

"Flowspoke over-delivers for every project in both quality and timing. They’ve helped grow the strength of our brand by consistently providing high-quality design and web development work, and their wide breadth of skills often fills in the gaps on our internal team. Flowspoke is thorough, reliable and a true delight to work with."

Erica Witte, Director of Digital Marketing, Yello


When Yello approached Flowspoke about their website, they knew they wanted to build onto their existing platform instead of creating a new site from scratch. We worked together on an extensive refresh that includes a new product page layout, an interactive Resource Center, and a custom blog design.

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Yello wanted their blog to have a more lighthearted and friendly look than the more corporate parts of the website. Before working with Flowspoke, Yello relied heavily on stock photos for imagery, so we developed a unique, colorful illustration style that helps the content stand out and invite readers in.

Marketing Assets

Flowspoke has assisted on many of the white papers, research pieces, webinars, and case studies that Yello regularly publishes. Although there is a consistent, modern design across the assets, each has a unique twist on the overall look and feel.

Events Design

Yello attends dozens of conferences and trade shows each year, and many require custom booth art. Flowspoke works with the sales team to develop designs for each event, and ensures that every piece is pixel-perfect.